Siemens S7-1200 syntax tags

Hello, I am creating tags for a siemens S7-1200 PLC, the names of the variables are for example; temp1, temp2, temp3
But the syntax of the tags is for example IW0.
How can I know what syntax I have to use in the OPC Item Path?

Tanks for your help.

Anyone who wants to help me with the tags OPC item path syntax of a Siemens S7-12000?

I would appreciate it very much.

You may find what you need in a forum search for Siemens S7-1200.

This is all presuming you have set up the PLC correctly to be able to be accessed and added it to the gateway.

It’s correct craigb, it’s already set up

The service provider of my PLC only gave me these names of the variables (Example: var1, var2), what else do I need to know in order to configure them?

You need to know the actual area. Is it a M0.1 or DB12,X1.2 For example. Are your variables Real, Int’s or Bool etc

If they are giving you the data from a DB they will have to turn off optimized block access.

Start with an easy one, if they have the PLC Clock memory bits turned on M0.5 should flash at 1hz.

I made the test with the flag M0.5 and the tag does not respond, the only ones that respond are the following:
IW95, IW96, IW97 up to IW103.

Thanks for your help craigb

The best thing to do if you don’t have access to the PLC is ask your programmer to add a new DB and use that DB for all the variables you need. It makes it easier for you as he can print / PDF the variable list and also makes it easier to remember when your creating tags.

This is the list of variables that my provider gives me;

• Coral Steam Flow (flow1)
• Steam Flow Snail (flow2)
• Head temperature (tem1)
• Pressure Head (pre1)
• Snail Totalizer (total2)
• Coral Totalizer (total1)

but those do not work for me, how do I get the offset of those variables?

Your programmer must tell you. And if they are in a DB, the optimized access must be turned off. You need your programmer’s help.

Ok I will, craigb and pturmel, thank you very much for your help.