Siemens S7-1200 tag addressing issue(M/Q)

Ok, so I am still new to Ignition, but loving all the features and the interface is really nice to work with.
I have a problem with addressing though. I have a simple on/off circuit in the PLC to toggle an output, but for some reason I can’t access a boolean tag, nor can I toggle the output directly. my syntax is [servername]M0.0 as an example. which doesn’t work. But when skipping the offset it works and “monitors” just fine.
Same if I try Q0.0
Am I writing the syntax wrong or does anyone have a suggestion to a solution?

For boolean tags you must add X:
M0.0 → MX0.0
Q0.0 → QX0.0
I0.0 → IX0.0 :thumb_right:

Ah, cool. Didn’t see that at all :unamused: