Siemens S7-1200 Tag issues

Hi guys,

I have a s7-1214 hooked up to ignition via the S7-1220 ethernet driver and connected ok.

My issue is getting bits from the memory tags. Eg. M100.1… MX100.1 doesn’t work.

I can see DB tags and DB bits no problem. eg, DB50,X0.0

Has anyone dealt with the TIA portal software and these memory tags?

Cheers for any wisdom… :slight_smile:


Just tried it on my Siemens 1500 cpu which works the same as the 1200. Using TIA V12

Here the tag I use [demoplc]MX110.0
Don’t forget to set it to Boolean.


Thanks Craig.

I thought I was going crazy. Will give it another go tomorrow.

Cheers for the reply.