Siemens S7-1200 tags stop communicating even though device is connected

A facility we work with is using an older version of ignition v7.7 and is being used to connect to S7-1200 PLC tags. There are instances where the tags stop communicating and start reporting null values even though the PLC shows that the tags have numerical values populated. There are 2 specific reasons when I saw this occur:

  1. Pressing the “Reset Trial” button on the gateway licensing screen. The server does have a valid license for the OPC/UA, Modbus and Siemens Driver comms. However, someone was testing out another module and pressed the “Reset Trial” button to test it and it caused this issue right after the button press.

Recovery: Select all the tags in designer and click Apply and they seem to start communicating again.

  1. Setting up tags which maybe incorrectly addressed or pointing to inaccessible locations. When these tags were deleted, the communication went back to normal. Now, I’m wondering why all tags crash when 1 or 2 of the tags may have an issue associated with tem.

Recovery: Delete the tags which may be incorrectly addressed.

What I would like to know is:

  1. Are these known issues in v7.7 that may be resolved with an update to v7.9 or v8.0?
  2. The other thing I noticed in the wrapper log along with a print statement is a mention of “Demo Expired” even though the license is activated. Why would this be showing up? See example:

INFO | jvm 1 | 2020/11/03 20:43:16 | Master/Missions/LastOperationID has changed to 25712 (Demo Expired)

@Kevin.Herron Not sure whose attention this should go to. Any ideas?

Probably need to run this through support so they can look at your license and troubleshoot.

It’s possible a later version would not exhibit this behavior for some reason but I’m not aware of a specific bug that may have been fixed. You would probably want to have a test system or an easy way to roll back before you moved from 7.7 to 7.9 or especially 8.0.

Ok. How do I get a hold of support to look at the license and troubleshoot? Just over phone?

Phone is the fastest way to get help as long as you have a support contract. They’ll be able to tell you based on your license key if you’re not sure where you stand.

Got it. Thanks.