Siemens S7-1500 Bit Arrays

I have seen one post inferring that the Siemen’s S7 driver in Ignition does NOT support accessing data in arrays in these PLCs. Is this true?

I’m being given a listing of a Boolean Array in a 1500 PLC and doing some testing I have not been able to get tag data to populate. I’m not clear on how to address these if it is possible. I have tried using an OPC Item Path similiar to the following examples with no success:
In both cases I’m just trying to read the first bit in the array.
The first assumes that the Boolen Array would be a Bit data type.
The second assumes the array is an 8 bit word array.

Is this even possible or am I spinning my wheels even trying?


This one should work, assuming the array starts at offset 0 in DB210

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Hello, We met a problem when we test the S7 1500 Array Tag in the ignition ,We want to build one ignition tag 100 byte array to put the PLC array
In ignition Tag edit, the data type select byte arry and path is “ns=1;s=[QDGA_AND____S1]DB82,B16806” then we see the system built array[16] automatically ,how could I built the 100 dimension array tag for siemens 1500 PLC ,thanks.