Siemens S7-1500 Driver Issue - request with key "5573" failed due to timeout

Hi All,
From a couple of days, I have an issue with, it seems, Siemens Driver.
Every first start up of the Gateway, it doesn’t start correctly, it think due to this:
ScheduledRequest[com.inductiveautomation.xopc.drivers.siemens.requests.ReadRequest@15c3738] request with key “5573” failed due to timeout.
If I restart the gateway, nothing will happen, it stays unconnect.
The only solution I found is to restart the computer where the Gateway is located.
Here it is the link for download the log file
Some help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:


I found out a similar entry on my log file, any luck on what that means or why it happened? Thanks


Well, a read timeout means either the PLC didn’t respond, or the response was lost (network).

If it fails to reconnect, try editing the device, then saving without actually changing anything. That will restart the device. Failure to reconnect at all is a bug, and you may want to upgrade to the latest v7.9. And/or contact support.

Thanks a lot, @pturmel, I think it was a lost connection case as well. The PLC did come back online within a couple of mins according to the logs. That connection is supposed to be robust, not sure why it dropped.

In my case, the issue was related to a service that wasn’t starting correctly ( or something like this, I honestly don’t remember this specific issue very well :sweat_smile: ) so I uninstalled Ignition and re-installed it. That fixed the issue.
Hope this helps.


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