Siemens S7-1500 FC addressing

Good day, Ive looked in the use manual and did not see and addressing to monitor an FC from Siemens TIA 15. The bit is a boolean value so I thought the address would have been like this: [M08 3B Conveyor]FC5,X5.2 . Can it read only values in a DB?

Yes, just DB and the other areas in the manual.

Ok thank you for the assistance, i will just make a DB that references that FC bit.

FCs don’t have their own values (except local variables which are not accessible outside FCs).
Everything that is used in FC, comes from elsewhere.
You said a bit from the FC: that bit is probably some merker (M5.2) which you can read directly like:
[M08 3B Conveyor]MX5.2

Please, show us a snippet or screenshot of your PLC code from that FC that you want to read, so we can understand better, what you want/need.

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I wanted to read this value:

Currently what I did was use a DB and just added that boolean value as a XIC to turn on a boolean in the DB. I have it reading that way, but if there is another way I would love to learn it, Thanks

Like I wrote: [yourDevice]MXx.x
In your case: [M08 3B Conveyor]MX5.2

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10 4, thanks for your expertise.

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