Siemens S7-200 drivers?

I understand that the Siemens drivers support S7-300, -400 and -1200. Are there any plans to extend that to the S7-200? I have one PLC of that model. Otherwise, it seems like my best bet is to keep a KEPServer instance around and make an OPC connection to that.

No plans currently, sorry. They use a different protocol than the 300/400/1200.

any suggestions on how to connect a S7-200

Use Kepware or a Siemens OPC server.

Hi Kevin, Are there any updates over here, We do have three s7 200 SMART Plc’s. Is it possible to connect with the help of Siemens Drivers came with any recent Ignition stable release 8.0.X

Since the S7-200 series ist discontinued for about 10 years now, i would not expect IA to add support.
There are OPC-UA servers like TANI with full support for all Siemens plc models.