Siemens S7-200 --> Ignition 😎

Just for fun, I tried to connect to S7-224 with siemens s7-300 driver in Ignition 7.9 over the IBHSoftec IBH Link S7++.
And it worked! :sunglasses:
I can read and write to DB, M(B,W,D), I(B,W,D), and Q(B,W,D) tags, which I created in Ignition with syntax from S7-300.
I can not read and write to SMs, because there is no syntax in the Ignition Siemens driver for SM (system merker).


Hi zxcslo, can you help me? I have that problem how to connect the s7-224 in ignition,do you have a diagram of the connections using IBHSoftec IBH Link S7++ that you can shared whit me?

Thank you!!!

No, I have no diagram… it was just a test.
But it shouldn’t be difficult.
You must set the right IP and MPI/PPI address on the IBH Link (read the IBH Link manual).

working with this chinese adapter too. Alternatively, it has a modbus tcp connection that allows access to all variables.