Siemens S7-300 Driver - Losing power to one device kills comms to all devices

I’m new to Ignition and currently building to new system talking to a number of Siemens S7-300 PLCs and RIOs. I have about a dozen device connections set up currently and working well, with a number of tags of various data types being polled and historised using a MS SQL Server database connection.

I have 3 Gantry PLCs and have had working connections for several days. Today however, I noticed the device connection status for Crane 1 and 2 were both constantly disconnected/connecting. I also noticed that all configured tags in the Tag Browser in the designer all had red exclamation symbols (i.e. no good data). - not just for the tags for these 2 connections, but for ALL devices.

I disabled both of these connections and all the data for all the other devices cleared and started showing good data again.

I’m struggling to understand why the loss of 2 device connections would impact all device connections. Is this something peculiar to the S7-300 driver? Is it an OPC UA issue? Have I configured something wrong? I haven’t seen this before so any assistance or advice would be appreciated.


The drivers/server are not written in a way that would explain this. My first instinct would be looking at your network or something, not at Ignition.

If you can reliably reproduce this situation a call to support might help narrow it down, though.