Siemens S7-300 Request timeout

Hello There,

I’m not sure why but, suddenly I have the issue with siemens PLC. It shows that the request is timing out. The PLC is been working very normal so far and its just started doing it all the sudden. My memory usage and CPU are also way higher now, along with clock drifts.

The PLC timeouts may be a symptom of your CPU halts, not a cause. The memory trend suggests garbage collection is struggling–something changed in your system’s memory usage.

Hmm, that makes me more nervous. I checked the logs and there was nothing other than this CPU halts before crashing

Is it a VM? If so, look in the hypervisor for CPU overcommit w/ usage spikes on other VMs.

It could also be hardware. CPU throttling on thermal events, perhaps.

I was unable to debug but I’ll watch if that happens again in future.

Thanks @pturmel