Siemens S7 OPC Item path

First time I try to read a tag on my siemens PLC via OPC UA . Connections is ok but I am not able to read a Uint datatype tag. As my tag editor version doesn’t fit the training one I am not able to find my mistake ut I am quite sure it is based on datatype and/or the OPC item path.

Could anyone help me with this ?

Have you done this?

And also try ‘Short’ for Data Type instead of ‘Integer’…
In Ignition ‘Short’ is 16 bit and ‘Integer’ is 32 bit long. In Siemens ‘Integer’ or ‘Word’ is 16 bit …

Thanks for support,
Finally it was the pull/get that was not allowed in the PLC

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Yes but I did not have to give the full access to make it work