Siemens S7300 Device Connection Problem

I have setup all my PLC connections in Ignition successfully except for one. I can communicate with the device through kepware just like all my other devices, but cannot communicate with through ignition. This is what I see in the console:

here are my device settings:

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Are the rack and slot settings the same as they are in Kepware?

What it looks like is happening is that the PLC isn’t responding to the connect requests that get send after a TCP connection is made. At least, it’s not responding within the default 5 second limit.

Yes, here is what it looks like in kepware.

Look for the logger S7300.CO22 in the logs area.

You should find S7300.CO22 and then a bunch of S7300.CO22.* loggers. Turn the first one to TRACE, which after refreshing/re-searching should turn all of them to TRACE.

Let it run for a minute or two trying to connect and then send me your logs.bin file from the console page (while viewing the page, there’s an “export logs” link).

Also, what version of Ignition are you using? What version of the Siemens module is installed? You can find this info on the System > Status and Configuration > Modules pages.

heres the log
logs.bin.gz (292 KB)

What was the version information?


Ok, I don’t think that should be a problem.

Can you download and install this version of the Siemens module and see if it makes any difference.

If it doesn’t, can you go back and turn TRACE on again, go in and edit/save on that device, wait, then upload the logs again?

I fixed something in the version I linked to that was either a) a potential problem or b) obscuring the problem.

log with updated module
logs.bin.gz (429 KB)

Ok this is where things are going to get tricky.

Is Kepware installed on the same machine as Ignition or a different machine? We’re gonna have to bust out Wireshark here to see what the difference is between what Kepware is sending and what Ignition is sending.

What I’m seeing is that as soon as Ignition sends a connect request the PLC closes the TCP connection. Either we’re sending something different than Kepware or the PLC has reached its limit for connections and is denying us.

You could try disabling Kepware’s connections and seeing if that does the trick before we head down the Wireshark route.

yes it seems that if i disable data collection in Kepware then Ignition will connect and vice versa. Could there be some type of setting the electricians have that limits the number of connections?

Yes, somewhere in the bowels of the S7 programming software you can find a place to limit/change the number of S7 connections allocated. I know I’ve seen it before, but I don’t know off-hand how to find it again. I’ll take a look, but someone familiar with the software should be able to find it and change it pretty quickly.

Jonathan, does this system have a lot of panels connected on the MPI network? Are there a lot of connections configured in NetPro? If you look at the CPU properties in the hardware configuration, do you have a communications tab?