Siemens Sentron PAC3220 over Modbus TCP

I am making a test whit a Siemens Sentron PAC3220 over Modbus TCP. Succesfully connected a client (qModMaster) but can´t get to connect trough tag definitions.

Any suggestion? Thanks!

Are there any error messages in your gateway logs?

Ah, and from the raw data in the other software you are using I can see the unit/slave id should be 1 where Ignition defaults to 0.

So your test tag’s OPC Item Path should look like this instead: [ME_Siemens]1.HR1

Thanks you for the quick reply Kevin. I´ve tried with [ME_Siemens]1.HR1 but I am still getting bad quality

Disable everything but one test tag from this device and then check the gateway logs if it still doesn’t work.

It´s solved! I was thinkering with advanced settings and left “Zero-based Addressing = False” when it should be set to “True” for this device.

I was reading HR1 but in reality it was HR0 and it was an illegal address.

Thank you very much Kevin! I wouldn´t have guessed the slave ID syntax.