Siemens symbolic Addressing

Is there any plan for Siemens symbolic Addressing support by ignition driver for S71500?
Siemens OPC have some limitation. and we got a lot of requests to use native driver.

I hope to see this soon .

We’re working on a new Siemens driver with symbolic addressing support and targeting release with Ignition 8.3 next year.


Good news it's in the pipeline, bad news it's only for 8.3 :confused:

Hope plan will be changed to be release this year ... there's a lot of demand on it on existing projects.

There's only 1 month left in this year, not happening.

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Did you have to offer up your firstborn to gain access to the protocol specification? /:

We never gained access, we're using a native library from a 3rd party vendor (the same native library Kepware's "S7 Plus" driver uses). It's from a German company who reverse engineered it all.


Does that mean it will be Windows-only?

Windows and Linux fortunately. But not macOS.


This is this one or another ? (if it's not confidential)

We’re evaluating this right now: Efficient communication between PC and controller


Interesting feature set. Except:


  • Java (not all functions covered)

Wonder what that means.

So far nothing that’s a dealbreaker, but basically the Java bindings are incomplete (compared to the native interfaces) and very obviously written by a non native English speaker who probably never used Java.

Ok, makes sense. Needs some IA time/resources beyond just using the API to flesh out the JNI.

This driver is still planned ? Any progress about the stack used ?

Yes, still planned, using the library I mentioned previously.


Do you have ETA for Ignition 8.3?

We all in waiting mode

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Some of us will be burning the candle at both ends for Q3 and Q4.