Siemens Tag exchange problem

Hi ! I,m new in Ignition Scada . I Have a PLC s7 400 connected to Ignition Scada (this is a personal project).
1-I want to change a text if a Tag is 1 to have on screen the text “The MCB is connected” and if the Tag is 0 the text to be changed “The MCB is NOT connected” . I see the tag on Ignitin ([connection]Ix76.0) .How can I change the text ?
2- I have a siemens vfd conected to my plc and in the telegram from VFD at the adres PIW676 i read the current. How can I read the adres PIW676 on Ignition. ( I have manage to read the value if I move PIW676 in MW676 and read MW676and I have also manage to read Iw400 , this Iw400 is an analog input from PLC)

Best regards to all !!!

I think the simplest way is to bind expression to labels text property. I made a little video for you.

In Ignition (or any OPC server, AFAIK) you CAN’T read PIW’s or PQW’s from Siemens PLC’s. You must transfer them to MW’s or DBW’s. So your approach was correct.

Thanks !
Works great !
Best regards zxcslo !