Siemens TP700 Comfort as Ignition web client

Hi members,
Did anyone tried to use Siemens TP700 HMI as web client in Perspective. I have small application to show water levels. It should connect with gateway on server and show the session same as other SCADA do. Thanks in advance.

The WebBrowser in the HMI panels has only limited javascript support. It is not possible to run Perspective. My last try was firmware V16 but i dont think that the browser changed in newer versions.

I think you will have more chance with the Unified panel MTP700 since this is also fully web based. but I never try it.

Thanks for valued feedback. What hardware do you have used so far with Ignition for Perspective HMIs display. I have pumping station and a common control room, I am looking for a display solution for the complete project. I am looking displays with embedded PC to directly mount it anywhere in plant for example performance board, operator display etc.

He are currently still looking for the correct hardware.
We tested multiple web panel like the ITC from Siemens or the WP series from Phoenix Contact and they don't fit what we need. (Not full HD, loading time is too long,...) So we will go to the panel PC but with are still testing some brand.

Thanks Arnaud, I am looking for the same but i tried earlier thin clients based solution for AVEVA System platform and PCVeu but don't know how it will work for Ignition.