Siemens un-optimized addressing.....does this even work?

Has anyone here tried this and it works? If so, can i get an example?

What is that from?

I don’t know what the user you quoted is talking about, that’s not syntax the Ignition S7 driver recognizes.

Yeah, thats what i thought. I figured if it did work you guys would put it in the manual. LOTS of people would be interested in this, lol.

I’m sure, but Siemens’ official stance on opening or providing documentation on the S7 protocol is basically… hard no. They want you to use OPC UA for open access, and if you don’t have a newer PLC that supports it then too bad.

There is a little German company that has done an excellent job reverse engineering the S7 protocol, including all the bits nobody else has figured out, and has a pretty good OPC UA server for it: OPC-Server for common PLCs

Thanks alot sir. This will defiantly be a great add-on for us!

I use devices like below for MQTT , You can browse all the areas of the plc optimized or not. I don’t use the OPC side as I send the info via MQTT but you can then create a OPC server using the plc tags.

Not sure how much the cost compares to the software kevin posted.

Thanks Craig! we will look into it