Siemens WinLC RTX communication with Ignition

I am trying to communicate with Siemens WinLC RTX (Soft PLC) with S7 400 Driver, But the communication is not healthy,
and the load factor which is displays on ignition gateway status page is around 6000% which very high… Have any one done it before with winlc ???

Pl suggest…

I use it with the S7 300 driver and Ignition 7.6.7 and it works, in some way.
The problem is that there is an error continuously logged in the gateway because the driver does not handle correctly the first zero length packet that receives from the PLC, so I usually disable the logging for the device (if you search for “winlc” in the forum you will find my post about it). I don’t know if this could be your problem. It works well enough for me, because I use it only for testing the PLC software.

Thank you for your reply…
You are correct but the communication varies continuously between good quality and bad quality tag… Is such problem you have faced??

I just tried to change the driver to S7 400, but, as expected, the behavior is the same as the S7 300: the error is logged, but the communication works correctly.

Sorry, but I cannot replicate your problem. Other than the error logging, the communication and the variables work correctly, I have no issues at all. Which version of Ignition are you using and which operative system? Maybe the behavior changed in the newer versions or with a different OS (I’m using windows).

V7.9.2 and also i have done these with ignition 7.8

how many tags you have configure in ignition i was having around 1500 nos

The number of tags is not a problem, I probably have around 8000. But that depends also on how they are distributed in the PLC. It is better to have them packed in few DBs, if possible, otherwise the driver has to do a lot of queries to the PLC.
Maybe you should try to use a real PLC to see if you have the same problem, so the issue is not with WinLC.

I had a problem similar to your when I tried to use NetToPLCSim with more than one PLC simulated on the same PC; it seemed like the program NetToPLCSim was too slow to respond to driver requests and the communication continuously switched between good and bad. That’s why I started to use WinLC for simulations (I have used it to simulate 6 PLCs at the same time, with a more than 50k sqltags in Ignition, with no issues other than the logging).

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