Siemens1500 Direct Tagging on Tag browser

Using Siemens 1500 driver and Ignition 8.1

Beginner here new to the world of ignition. Currently taking the inductive university course and sad to say as the fast learner that I though I was, I’m stumped a few videos in.

I’ve created a boolean tag on TIA Portal,stored in the global memory, addresss %M2.6
Through the documentation, the tag editor should be configured as [PLC NAME]Mx2.6

But I’m returned with an error in configuration. What am I missing?


Is put/get active in the hardware config of your plc ?

try MX2.5 instead of Mx2.5

It is enabled.

Figured out it was cause i had " Activate UPC UA Connection" disabled!
enabling this allowed me to connect to the memory booleans!

i also have boolean addreses for Inputs and Outputs %I1.0 %Q2.0
but these arent getting picked up by ignition when ive got the tag path as [Siemens_1500]I1.0 or Q2.0
do these need additional synthax?

IX1.0 and QX2.0

Oh perfect!

Is there no default synthax that would always assume its a boolean? Like the documentation say I can IWO to determine an offset but without the “O” synthax, it doesnt look for an offset?