Sierra Wireless compatible modems


So, I want to use the SMS module for alarms which says that it’s only compatible with Sierra Wireless’ Airlink modules. However, there are several out them available (RV55, RV50 and LX40 -each with sub-versions).

However, only the knowledgebase lists compatibility for some modems:


Are the others not compatible?
Is there an up-to-date list with compatible modems?

I would imagine the rv50x would work, which is the current version of the rv50.

I would assume it too, but I would rather be sure than assume things.

Also, the LX40 is also of the Airlink family, so it should be compatible too, but… is it?

For me, the LX40 is a better choice because I only need to send SMS, not acces the internet from said device, which is what triggers my request for a list of approved modems.