Sierra XE problems:

A few times I have had problems with the Sierra wireless XE hanging up and needing reset.

Received this error in the console log:
[ERROR] 4:49:11 AM alarming.notification.sms.AirlinkUdpConnection [] Received ack: ACK100ACK - Not in coverage (No cellular service).
Also received this error ACK302ACK SMS Buffer full.

Now these are not Ignition errors but Ignition is receiving indication that there is a problem.
Is there a way for Ignition to set an alarm tag so I can send a voice message or display a red alarm indication in a window that there is a problem sending out SMS messages when it receives these error messages from the Sierra XE device ?

Also is there a list of these error codes that Ignition can receive from the Sierra XE ?

Thanks for any Info.

Is it possible to setup an escalation pipeline that would send out maybe an email if the alarm goes unacknowledged? In the case that the phone goes down it would send an alert with an associated tag value that could be tied to the status of the raven xe.

Good afternoon linktdi

i have laso been experiencing these issues with an XE modem which is being used to send SMS alerts to clients, the modem will work and send out alerts via SMS, then after an period of time (currently unmeasured) we will lose the ability to send out SMS, we also recieve the same message as you indicated in your issue.

I have had the idea to connect the power supply to a timer relay so that the unit powers down for a minute every 8 hours which might solve the issue, but i would prefer for this issue to be resolvd without having to take this action, i just wondered if you found a solution to the issue?

are you sure that the modem is still on the cellular network? I havent fooled with the sms stuff via ignition but have done alot of work with ravens and many other cell modems. there is usually a setting called keepalive or surelink that will on a set time interval send out a ping to an address over the cell connection. if the ping response isnt good, it will then reboot the modem. You may want to enable that and see if it solves your problem.

Thanks for the reply i will check that out when i am onsite next and will report back the results, hopefully this will solve the problem.

You should see these options under the wan/cellular tab. for the ip address you can use something like or which pings public dns services. This will only work if your apn is setup with a public apn. if you are using a private apn that doesnt have internet access check with your network administrator for an ip address that should be pingable if the modem is properly connected to the network.

Mr Gambrell

You may recall that the modem did not function with SMS if the modem was connected to the the internet, i.e if an APN was specified, this may prevent you from using a keep alive, you may need revisit that problem to solve the new SMS issue.