Sigmatek C-IPC connection for OPC-UA

Has anyone connected to a C-IPC 171 using OPC-UA. I can find a lot of sales literature promoting that capability but I can’t find any documentation on the connection string needed. I have the IP, but don’t know the port, etc to try. I also don’t know if the port is enabled or disabled in the controller.

You can try opc.tcp://ip:4840 and hope the OPC UA functionality is enabled by default.

I had already tried that with no luck. I’m working on getting in touch with the people that did the controls. They are from Austria so this is not easy. Thanks for your prompt response though.

Yeah, it’s weird that there’s one mention of OPC UA on the sales page and then absolutely nothing in the technical manual.

For anyone that wants to do this in the future, there is a special license that must be purchased and installed and then the OPC-UA option can be enabled. Additionally, each parameter must be designated as part of the OPC group. This all requires the LASAL programming software. I am getting a quote from the machine builder. Here are the instructions .

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