Signalfire Gateway Modbus Addressing

I’m currently trying to pull data from Holding Registers 5000 and 5001 in a Signalfire gateway. The slave ID is 247 and the OPC device is named Gateway in my local host. I know that the value is a 32bit float and spans the two registers. I’m trying to use the OPC item path [Gateway]247.HRF5000 and am having no luck at all. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried talking with a signalfire before and if so, could you help me out? Thanks so much in advance!

I have pulled information from the signalfire Ethernet Gateway module connected to Modbus in a stick with Multi IO module. Are you using the ethernet Gateway? You need to put IP address for the Gateway when setting up the device and you do not go after the 247 address…that is the Gateways default slave id. You need to put the slave id of whatever the gateway is connected to.