Signed module stuck in trial mode

Two posts in a row, I hope I’m not flooding the forums with questions :slight_smile:

After struggling signing the module, I finally got the signed modl file. I installed the module into de gateway and accepted the self signed certificate. The problem is that the module is stuck in trial license state (and therefore the Gateway). What am I missing?

The gateway is running Ignition 8.1.3 and this is the module configuration:


Thank you in advance, I’m pretty lost regarding this topic.

A signed module is not what makes trial mode go away. For that, you need a license key. You generate those with IA’s “Showcase API” project (or your own API client) and permission from IA to use it.

Or you can return true from your module Hook’s .freeModule() method.

Okay, thank you! I wasn’t aware of that.

I’m using the kotlin dsl gradle with ignition module and have freeModule.set(true) and the trial is still there in the system?

Does it need to be set within each of the hook files(gateway hook, designer hook, etc)?

freeModule in the module.xml (what is ultimately generated by the gradle plugin) is legacy and not used anymore.

You must override AbstractGatewayHook#isFreeModule() to return true.