Silent Installation of Ignition and associated Modules

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I am looking for a possible solution which enables me to perform the silent installation of Ignition and its associated modules like MQTT, GCI Module etc…

Since I found the documentation on Automated Installation on Windows but there is no sufficient resources available for installing additional modules and DB configuration etc…

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Option 1 is Docker; kcollins/ignition lets you programmatically install third party modules.

Option 2 is scripting it yourself. Deliberately, we don’t allow you to trivially bypass the license and certificate verification of third party code. You’re welcome to make the appropriate changes to the internal database yourself, but we won’t do it for you.

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Thanks for your input @PGriffith, Would be glad to know if you can help me out. How to perform silent installation of ignition by passing parameter of customized username and password please

Take a look at @Kevin.Collins’ docker image - all his extra customization is done using bash, and it’s open source:

You could adapt the same techniques to a different programming language/environment.

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I’ll also augment that starting with Ignition 8.1.9, you can actually just define the following environment variables that will be read by the commissioning system on first-launch (regardless of running in Docker or not):

  • GATEWAY_ADMIN_PASSWORD=supersecretpassword
    • … or alternatively, these three below

Omitting any of the above will result in the respective commissioning page being presented. Supply the whole set and the gateway will launch all the way through to running state. Additionally, you can use _FILE versions of these to read in the value from a file, e.g. GATEWAY_ADMIN_PASSWORD_FILE=/path/to/file-containing-secret.