Simple Alarm Pipeline doesn't send SMS

I'm trying to understand how alarm pipelines work.
I set up a simple pipeline that should send an SMS to a test roster with only an operator on it with a valid number.

The notification profile uses an AirLink LX40 that I set up using this guide and is able to send message with AT commands through ssh.

Not the same method Ignition uses to send SMS with the Airlink. Are there any errors in the gateway logs?

Do you have UDP 17341 and 17342 open on your firewall?

This error is saying Ignition sent a SMS payload to the Airlink but never heard back a response.

If you never got a text then it's also likely the Airlink either isn't configured correctly or didn't receive the request at all.

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thank you for the tips. I have enabled both the send and receive ports on my firewall.
I have also changed the user telepohone number national prefix to 39 instead of 039.
Now it seems that the SMS pipeline works correctly.