Simple alarm pipeline to send out emails

I have enabled alarm for a query tag. I configured the alarm to send out emails if the value is below say 90. It does not seem to send out emails via the pipeline. The pipeline does not seem to be active when I check it on the Gateway status.

How are you putting the tag into the alarm state? Do you have the notify initial events checkbox selected in the Alarming -> General settings on the gateway config page?

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Thank you for you response. I enabled that but I am still not getting the emails. I will look into it. In the meantime can you please let me know when are these following components going to be available for Perspective?


Have you tried your notification with a memory tag just to make sure your pipeline is working?

I have alarm pipelines working in Ignition 8 on expression tags and OPC tags. I haven’t tried a SQL tag but that doesn’t seem like it would work any differently.

I am also interested into when user, roster & schedule management from perspective :slight_smile:

@sudipta.tripathy Are you still having issues with alarm pipelines? Now that the project resources work is merged in, we’re hoping everything’s resolved, but it’s possible there are edge cases we missed.