Simple button config

Hello people, ive been hours searching for this, trying every key i could find but i cant just make it happen.
My problem is, im trying to configure a button as a trigger for logo boolean input//mark and then go back to 0. I tried press for true release for false, action performed with delay to get back to false but nothing seems to work, all i could make it happen was set to true or set to false but not both in the same click. I started learning about ignition like two months ago and never got to set any tag from ignition with button and im completely lost. Can anyone lend me a hand?

thanks for everything and sorry for posible english mistakes.

Are you just trying to set a memory tag in Ignition while the button is pressed? If so then you can just use a momentary button set to bidirectional:

If you’re trying to write to a PLC or some other kind of controller this will be a little harder to do. There are plenty of conversations on here about why this approach is a bad idea because you’ll never be sure the values got written to the controller, communication can fail, etc… For this application you would be better off using the One Shot button and resetting the bit on the controller side after it’s been acknowledged by the controller.


Its a bit in the plc via kepserver, if LOGO can be considered that way , in the program is a simple reset for my counters and i dont want to set a physical button there.

I just tried with momentary button and it seems to work thanks. I didnt even know it existed.