Simple data entry form using WebDev module

I have a need to setup data entry form to be used on a Ipod based scanner. I can’t use the mobile because it can’t use a bar code scanner as an input. So I setup a HTML form page to use and it has four input fields and a submit button. I need to have the 4 input fields write the values to four existing memory tags in the ignition server when the submit button is pressed. Any help on the best way to get this to work would be appreciated. see HTML code below.

Lot Number
<input type="text"name="lot_number"size="40"
BOL Number
<input type="text" name="bol_number"size="40"
PO Number
<input type="text" name="PO_number"size="40"
Resin Quantity Lbs
<input type="text" name="quantity"size="40"


This is probably not the “best” solution, but it is a solution…

Have the web page “submit” button save the values in a CSV/XML/etc. file in a location accessible by the Ignition gateway.

Write a gateway timer script that will open and parse the file, writing the values to the appropriate tags. The script should probably delete the file as well.

Write a js function to post passing in the variables.
Then handle the post request through python.
Not sure writing to memory tags would be the best way. What happens if multiple clients scan at the same time?