Simple gauge padding

Hello Everyone,

I have the needing to put a small simple gauge on a window (it will be around 50x50px) , but I noticed that the simple gauge element is not padding as I am expecting. To be more clear the circle that is representing the gauge is always staying very far from the edges, and when I’m making it very small the whole gauge becomes just a small ball as shown in the pictures.
Is there a way to keep its original properties even when it’s small, or just to spread it larger inside the element edit square?

I ran into similar issues with the simple gauge. The solution I’ve found seems to work best for me is to ditch the perspective components that don’t react the way I want them to and build them from scratch as SVGs.

The only difference between your gauge and a pie chart with a single value is a circle the same color as the background covering the center. Just saying . . .

Indeed now I am using a circular SVG graphic for my purpose, looks like SVGs are very performant on perspective.