Simple java OPC UA Client


I would like to create a really simple java application to get some opc variables …

Is anybody can provide me some sample code ?
(connections to opc server, get tag values, etc.)

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You should be using a Java-based OPC-UA SDK to accomplish this, not the Ignition module SDK, which does not provide a general purpose UA SDK.

Try the Prosys client SDK… it looks pretty easy to get started with.

Is there any open-source alternative to this?

Not that I’m aware of.

Hello kevin

I am using the prosys OPC UA Java SDK and i dont understand from where i can start to develop the opc ua client

what will be the first step to develop a OPC ua client in java.

can you please help me how can i implement the code

Read the Prosys documentation.

I believe they have sample code as well.

You can connect to an OPC UA server via Node-RED… I’ve used it in the past for some quick mockups… Worth a look:

Granted, this doesn’t help you if you must have it in Java, but alas, it is a nice quick way to get some data out.

Hello Klevin,

yes they have a code inside , but i dont know how to use this sample code in my own application.

Can you please explain me what will be my first step for OPC UA java development

first i have create a client… how to create a client
second add the SDk
third add the Stack to the code

This is right or something else i have to do

Please explain…thanks in advance

best regards


One more thing i dont understand anything from the prosys documentation.