Simple Vision project not working on other machines


I have a very simple project with some tags .

When I launch the project on the Ignition gateway server machine, it is working. If I launch multiple instances it works too.

When I launch the project on a different machine via Java Web start and jnlp file, it’s working but the values aren’t updated at the scan class rate !!! (the logic and swapping between windows is working but real time values aren’t refreshed!!)

I was thinking it was Java and I have tried on a Mac and another PC with the same Java version as in the gateway, but it is not working !!!

It’s completely blocking for me because I can’t launch my projects on other machines than the server. So the application is unusable

I don’t know what I can do

My configuration is described on my previous posts

I think I have found my problem wich is not an Ignition problem

In my work places we have 2 independant local networks with an independant Internet access ( In fact we have 2 public IP adresses)

The 2 local networks Lan1 and Lan2 are physically independant but they have the same local IP and mask:

IP adress:

It’s a very bad idea but the guys who have configured that aren’t here anymore

I have a port forwarding rule for the Ignition gateway wich is on Lan 2

I access it from Lan1 with the public IP of Lan2 (

Indeed I enter in conflictual states because local IP adress are 192.168.16.X on Lan 1 and Lan2

When I plugged my laptop and network cable on Lan2 (wich is the network with the Ignition server)
and access the gateway locally on the same network it is working ( without changing Java version of course !)