Simplest way to send a tag value to another gateway

Everything is in the title! What is the simplest way to send a tag value from a gateway to another.,


In the OPC-UA Server Settings on the gateway, check ‘Expose Tag Providers’.

Of course. I sould have think about that myself.


Blegh! That exposes all of your tags to all OPC/UA connections. Consider setting up a Remote Tag Provider via Gateway Networking.

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I’ll second remote tag providers as the easiest/simplest approach.

Do you want to send tag values only between two Ignition servers, or from Ignition to any other application like an HTML page for dash board or your own application? I have a module called RMSCADA which communicates between Ignition server and third party applications over Internet or LAN.

Problem solved. We foud another way to get the data from another source.

Thanks everyone. Your suggestions will be helphul in the future.