SimpleTagProvider and DataSet variables

Hello everyone,
following the simple-tag-provider example, I’m trying to develop a module of my own. In my module I need a Dataset variable, which must be editable by the user. I manage to create the tag variable in my TagProvider via code

but it is impossible to edit it in the tag browser: if I double-click on the variable I get a tag editor like that in the following picture

As you can see no Dataset type is allowed for the tag and I get no editor to change the dataset values.
My tag configuration is

and my provider configuration is:

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks in advance, regards

What’s the entry under String in the drop down?

Hallo Kathy, unfortunately I’m currently not at my PC. But I’m sure it is not Dataset. Moreover whenever you open the tag properties, you get the Byte type selected at first, as the Dataset datatype were not recognized.Also the dataset members which are listed below seem to be readonly.

Hallo Kathy, the last entry you asked for is Date. I played a bit more with the SimpleTagProvider and as far as my understanding, with a SimpleTagProvider:

  • it is not possible to let the user add/remove tag from the tag browser
  • every time the Ignition service restart, I have no mean to test if the tag provider is there already: I must create the provider again and consequently I loose all the previous tags values.
    Am I right?

Thanks in advance, regards

A tag provider is responsible for everything about its tags, including persistence. Your module must have a means to save any values it wishes to restore.