SimpleTagProvider which supports adding tags from tag explorer

Hi everyone,
I’m developing a gateway module where I need a custom tag provider with the ability to add/remove tags from the Designer Tag Browser. I followed the Simple-Tag-Provider example: the tag provider gets created correctly but if I right-click on it, I found no New Tag command and the New Folder command is disabled:

Therefore some questions:

  1. is there no way to let the user add/remove tags from a custom tag provider? Just wondering if SimpleTagProvider#setProviderMetaFlag could do the magic and which flag values must be set.
  2. if I find the way to let the user add/remove tags, will I get some feedback of that action in my module so that I can take some further actions?

Thanks in advance, regards

I would expect you to have to implement the full tag provider interface instead of extending the simple tag provider.

So do I. Thanks pturmel.