Simulation Aids Module release

Automation Professionals is pleased to announce the release of Simulation Aids for Ignition v7.7 & v7.8, a free module supplying multi-purpose expression and scripting functions. It is primarily intended to help developers model equipment and processes that don’t yet exist (or are otherwise unavailable), but includes features of general utility.

Since its beta releases announced here, the module documentation has been updated and one new feature added: Dataset Pivoting in the view() function’s Pseudo-SQL. The sample project has been updated to include a generic query test page with “preset” queries that demonstrate the major query syntax options.

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SimAidsDemo (2015-10-01).proj (69.2 KB)

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The module documentation can be viewed here if you don’t have time to install. :slight_smile:

A new version is linked above – fixes a bug where the new Pivot clause’s ‘for’ and ‘in’ subclauses were interfering with legitimate uses of those keywords elsewhere.

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Fix a couple bugs, introduce another. Found while working out an animation example in the Demo project. The “binding” variable in the objectScript() function makes some very efficient code possible – in this case, animating component motion and resizing without a timer event, and with no code execution at all when motion finishes.

New versions: for Ignition v7.7 and v7.8.

The animation code uses a Paintable Canvas to show guidelines for the animation. It has some repaint quirks, so the objectScript() that generates the motion uses a newline to add repaint() triggers after the value expression.
SimAidsDemo2015-10-11.proj (76.1 KB)

The Simulation Aids module is now available in the marketplace – and still free :slight_smile:
Note the separate versions for Ignition v7.7 and v7.8 when downloading.
SimAidsDemo2015-10-13.proj (64.7 KB)

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Updated the Simulation Aids module with one bugfix and minor new features:[ul][li]Fixed bug in column expression’s As clause.[/li]
[li]Added support for single asterisk as a columns wildcard.[/li]
[li]Added default output column names when an As clause is missing.[/li]
[li]Added default [0] subscripts to simple output columns when grouping or pivoting.[/li][/ul]