Simulation Mode properties for OPC SQL Tag

Simulation Mode properties for OPC SQL Tag to switch OPC Tag to Memory Tag behavior would be perfect for test without PLC/OPC server and item path / address definition.

+1 on this for me…

Seems a common issue where you want to toggle between an OPC tag and a memory tag. Particularly with testing objects/templates to verify they’re working properly w/o having to have hardware to work with.

Also, there are times when PLC code is not consistent, but you want a consistent HMI representation. e.g. An analog device with alarm setpoints. Sometimes those setpoints need to be persisted to the PLC, other times the alarm is just relevant to the HMI. It’d be nice to use the same object in these situations instead of caring about how some tags are OPC and some are just memory.

I’ve seen other HMI’s have the I/O configured as an extension, so if you want a tag to be an OPC tag, you just check the box and then you fill out the OPC addressing.

I’ve also seen where tag is assumed to be memory until it is address field is configured.