Simulator tags missing

Hello, I’m kinda of new with Ignition. I have upgraded to trial v8.1.3. I followed instructions including videos to create new Simulator tags via Programmable Device Simulator. I can see first folder created but no tags listed. Is there a permission or security that I need to enable? Or am I missing something here? Much appreciated!


Your first screenshot is from the tag browser and from the looks of it you just haven’t gone and added those additional tags to Ignition yet.

Are you saying that I need to add some tags and put them in GenSim folder in the Tag Browser screen? If that is the case, then I couldn’t add any new tags. In the Tag Browser screen, when I click on plus symbol and Browser Devices is unselectable. And if I right click on my mouse, New Tag is also unselectable. Makes me think there is some kind of security/permission somewhere to be enabled. Thanks.

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about doing.

I think the confusion here is because you have the “System” tag provider selected in that drop down. Try changing it back to “default”.

Yes! Now I have the tags available! The Tag Browser is definitely a bit different this time. Thanks for the help!