Single AD Authentication for two separated projects

Hello I've two separated projects in two separated gateways, both in the same customer but for two completely different worlds. However I'd like to provide navigation from one project to another redirecting the browser from one project page to another in the other project without login again. The question is if having an active directoy, providing the same identities and credentials to both servers, it's possible after longin in one project and be redirected to another in another gateway to maintain the same identity without login again in the target project. THANKS.

That is entirely up to the Identity Provider. You won't be able to get rid of one redirect to the IdP, but an IdP could simply look at cookies to determine that the user is already authenticated and bounce the login back to the second project.

Ignition itself doesn't do this, so the simple answer is NO. But it could be YES, outside of Ignition.

I understand, Thanks.