Single Column Transaction Groups


I’m trying to create a block (or standard) transaction group that will write a group of tags on a set schedule to a table I define. I need one value column to store the floating point values. There will be two other columns: One tag_ID and one tag_TimeStamp column.

It seems that when I setup transaction groups it wants the tags from OPC to be written to it’s own distinct column. The problem is we have a data warehouse that connects to this table via a dataview and it must be scalable across multiple sites running Ignition platform. It would be virtually impossible to have thousands of separate columns for this data. I would rather query by TagID. Am I missing something on a way to make this happen?

I guess I could have a separate Transaction group for each tag but this seems inefficient and difficult to manage.

you need to use block group, and then tell it to insert new block under action>table action. that will make the transaction group store the data in a narrow format. also you have to tell it to insert the rowid, which is the row the tag is in in your list of tags. Thats the only way I have found to identify the data in the table by.