Single Tag Import from Controllogix AOI's

Anyone have a better way to import tags into Ignition besides the xml format and drag and dropping.

All of my Alarms are in an AOI - and all I need is just one bool out of the AOI to tie an alarm too. So it does not make sense to drag and drop the whole AOI which would alot of tags. If I drag and drop the single “alarm” bool I have to edit it and rename it and with around 1000 alarms to import would be a lot of work. I find the xml format clunky and hard to deal with. If I forgot to copy the exact lines correctly the import fails and I have to search through it to find where the problem is.

It would be nice to export the tags out of CLX to .csv and import them some how.

For these sorts of things I usually use PHP: start with a single XML entry you wish to import, wrap it in a PHP looping construct, and place the substitutions in the body of the XML. Presumes some knowledge of PHP, but it is wicked fast. Just run PHP from the command line and save the output to a new XML file for import.

Thanks for the reply - But I am not sure what PHP is…lol

I found that it can take an .csv import - so I was able to take all of my tags from the CLX .csv and create some excel CONCATENATE to get the tags to format and tie to the PLC the way I wanted. Just doesnt allow any alarming config through the CSV import.