SIP Paging adapters

Has anyone tried to use the voice notification module with an SIP paging adapter? I’m thinking of using something like the device in this video to let ignition make announcements over our PA system. There seems to be a wide variety of similar devices on the market, but they all seem to be simply function as a SIP endpoint or extension that auto-answers and plays back anything spoken/sent to it.

One thing I can see being a problem is the current requirement for a user to press any button to continue with an alarm announcement. Is it possible to disable this in a pipeline configuration? I’m thinking that the simplest way to use a device like that is to setup a dedicated pipeline that doesn’t require any interaction from a user. Ignition could just dial the extension, fire off the message, and hang up.

It’s not currently possible to have a SIP profile that doesn’t require a DTMF response/proof of a live recipient. However, there is an internal feature ticket for this - if you enter a suggestion on our ideas portal we can use those votes to help evaluate priority of this feature.


I also added a request to allow shelving the alarm from the phone notification.

People landing here in the future via search, vote these up!

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Has anyone tried this “Snom” device that was mentioned in the above video.
I have it and I am having trouble with ignition using it.

I’ve got the SNOM PA1 working successfully for voice alarms in the control room(s). This is an insecure proof of concept.

  • Ignition:
    • user with “Phone” of “0”
    • VOIP notification profile pointed at SNOM IP address (no authentication details - should fix this)
    • Alarm Pipeline pointed at VOIP notification profile
  • SNOM PA1 (firmware
    • Preferences
      • Auto Answer Indication: off (prevents the “beep” at the beginning of alarm announcement)
    • Identity 1
      • Login
        • Account: 0
        • Registrar: Ignition IP or URL
      • SIP
        • Support broken Registrar: on
    • Advanced
      • SIP/RTP
        • Network identity (port): 5060
    • reboot