SIP Trunk connection?

I am currently working on setting up the voice notification with 3 different clients and each one has come back with the same question - one that I can’t find an answer to in the documentation or on the forums.

The question: is this a SIP trunk connection?

I’ve looked up some information on SIP and I have gotten a definition of what a trunk connection is, but that doesn’t tell me what type of connection Ignition is expecting. I suspect the answer is no based on a couple of posts I’ve seen involving “soft phones”, but I need a better answer than a hunch.

The technical answer is no. But then, neither is the majority of SIP hardware.

Ignition doesn’t care whether a SIP trunk exists or not. That’s all dependent on hardware-- what negotiates the VoIP session-- and the service provider. A ‘gateway’ of some sort still exists, even if they use a trunk.

Perhaps they need to provide what they are envisioning, if possible.

Here’s a white paper: SIP Trunking Deployment Models

It’s Cisco-centric, but the deployment models remain the same. :wink:

I appreciate that. It looks like an interesting read. I am a complete novice at VOIP systems in general so any information to bring me up to speed is going to help out a lot.