Site License Cost

Hi there,

We have Ignition 8.1. We will be replicating and would like to use same Database and Ignition server for another site in different time zone.

Do we need to purchase a site license? if so, how much would it cost?

Ignition is licensed per server, not per site.

great! so we can have multiple sites across US with just one server?

Technically, yes.

In practice, it depends. PLCs need to be polled locally, for example, and there are other performance concerns anywhere network latency is sensitive.

Sounds great!. Basically as long as we can connected to the server, we are good from my understanding. please correct me if I am wrong.


You should at very least have the OPC UA modules if you are polling PLCs, on a per-site basis.

All IA module pricing is publicly available on their website.

we use MQTT.

Luckily other site has no PLC. but we do use Sepasoft SPC module.