Size elements in perspective

Dear all I am working with perspective, and i don’t understand how to set the size of a button for example. If i wanted bigger the program do not give me access to do it.

Looks to be very easy, but i found this problem all the time

If you want a wider button, you will need to change the size of the flex container. If you want to change the vertical size, in a flex container, you need to change position.basis (which is the minimum size), or set position.grow to something else than 0.

If you want a single button in the multistate to have a different size, I don’t know if this is possible without individual button

Perspective is very different from Vision on how sizing etc… is accomplished.

If you want to duplicate the same type of control that you have in Vision then you need to use the coordinate container.

I would suggest watching the inductive university videos on the perspective stuff… they do a good job a covering all the basics.

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I have watched the videos. But i don´t know the strategy of make windows etc. Do you recommend make a root with coordinate container in to manage the size? is not other way?

I will check, thanks

If you want defined x,y position and complete control over the size of elements then yes a coordinate container is the way to go.