Size of the Vision Client Windows

Why when I open the Vision client, the main windows that I create on the Designer are not in all the available space in the Vision Client window? How can i solve this?
As you can see the docked window(the one with date and logged user) cover all the space while the main windows seems to allocate some space for the border, leaving empty spaces on the left and on the right (highlighted with red hand-made drawings)…


Couple of things to look at to fix this.

  1. The Vision Property Editor for the window has a Size property under Layout. (Aspect Ratio)
  2. You can select each, or all, of the components then right-click for layout setup (Relative, Anchored)
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Thank you for the rapid answers. Very useful!
I solved it by removing the “Mantain Aspect Ratio” on some component and mantaining it on some others (such as the images because otherwise it stretch them).

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