Skip Dates - Report Module Bar Chart Domain

I’m working on a bar chart in the reporting module for a daily report that gets emailed via a schedule. The problem is, when showing a few months of data, the domain (x-axis) gets extremely crowded. The user is requesting to show 8+ months in the chart, so it’s going to be incomprehensible. Is there a way to only show every third day, or maybe only show the first of every month?

I am using 8.0.11. Thanks.

I know this is an older post, but wanted to put a solution that works for me. This makes even days transparent. Add this under “Edit Script” and be sure to enable scripting on the chart.

Note: Even though the Extract Order of the chart configuration is “Row”, the Category Chart (or Bar Chart) seems to transpose the data into columns for the domain…so you need to call .getColumnKey to get the date.

Note: autotick is a variable we sent to true if the number of days in our date range causes label overlap. This could be hardcoded if you want.

autotick = data['autoTick']
axis = chart.getPlot().getDomainAxis()

dataset = chart.getPlot().getDataset(0)
columncount = dataset.getColumnCount()
if autotick:	
	for column in range(columncount):
		if column % 2 == 1:
			key = dataset.getColumnKey(column)
		#end if
	#end for
#end if