Skype for Business

Is the voice notification module compatible with Skype for Business? IT have given me a login and the server address of the UC server, but won’t register (Unknown -1).

Has anyone had any experience with this?


it works with skype… but you have to create a sip profile under skype connect. then skype will email you the password and list the username which is a long number.

There are some shortcomings though. The main one being that it is designed to only use 1 channel, and if you put delay times and contact retries, it will not dial a new call until it goes thru the whole sequence. So it is easy for this to backup if you have alot of alarms using the voice notification. I could easily see a situation where someone wouldnt get notified about an alarm for 30 minutes to an hour after it happened. Also, skype only supports udp port 5060, and the way ignition works is that it takes control of that local port so you cant add multiple skype sip profiles to be used in multiple notification blocks to try and spread the load around.

Last but not least, there is no real good way of determining if you are having trouble with the account. skype overall is pretty crappy in regards to how you pay and subscribe and it is really easy to have your account suspended and not get notified. ignition doesnt give you any way of being notified of a problem making a call due to a problem with account or settings. records in the audit log from what I remember, unanswered calls or calls that failed due to something wrong with the skype account, have the same code. So there really is no way of knowing if something is wrong with the skype profile. either it is a good call or a bad call, but you have no way of knowing if the bad call is just an unanswered call or there is a problem.

so yes it should work, but be aware that there are alot of shortcomings and issues to deal with, especially if you have a system with a large amount of alarms that would use voice notification.

Thanks for the reply.

This company is running Skype for Business 2015 as it’s entire phone/IM system. I believe this is different to Skype Connect??

Im not sure about skype for business. I just know to set mine up I created a sip profile under skype connect.

I put Wireshark on and can see the Register packet go out. I get a “Port unreachable” reply, telling me nothing is listening on that port (5060) at the server.

I have quizzed IT and they tell me they are using TLS as the transport and to try port 5061. I see in the Voice configuration I can alter the port setting however this only changes the client port, not the server port to target.

So I guess I need to know what transport does the voice module use (UDP, TCP or TLS)? and can we alter the destination port? I am sensing we might need an intermediary service in this setup??

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