Slack Notifications - Alarming

I am trying to implement Slack notifications for alarms from Ignition on a really large project

I see this in one of the IA example readmes- “Users to be notified need to have an outgoing webhook registered through Slack’s API, then added to their user profile in Ignition.” I’m confused as to where this would be on the Gateway or something, FWIW the project I’m working on integrates with AD but even without that there just isn’t a field anywhere for webhooks when I just look at a blank project on Localhost.

If anyone knows anything about this, much appreciated.

With the module installed, you should see an additional ‘contact type’ available for each user - that’s where you would set up the webhook URL.
So it would be an additional type in this list when configuring a user:


Oh!! That makes 100x more sense. Thanks.